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    Kohji Ohbayashi (CEO) developed advanced technologies of OCT at Kitasato University supported by Japan Science Technology Agency (JST). Based on the experiences, we will collaborate with you to develop and manufacture Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT)systems.Link_OCTNews Link_Kitasato Univ. 1 Link_Kitasato Univ. 2 

Ultra-high Speed OCT Technology

    We have developed the world's fastest spectral domain (SD) OCT system, which enables an axial scan (A-scan) rate of 60,000,000 per second. With the system, 3D OCT imaging, at a rate even faster than the conventional video rate of 30 frames per second, is possible.Link_JST Link_National Instruments

Real-time 4D OCT Display Technology

    We have enabled display of real-time 3D OCT motion picture (4D-OCT) at a volume rate even exceeding the usual video rate. Real-time image manipulations are possible such as rotation, translation, magnification, and partial image cutting. Image cutting in an arbitrary form enables a virtual surgery. The system is also possible logging a 4D OCT movie longer than 100 minutes. Link_JST Link_National Instruments

Akinetic VT-DBR Laser and SS-OCT Technology

    OCT methods are classified into Time Domain (TD) OCT and Fourier Domain (FD) OCT. If compared at the same data acquisition speed、 FD-OCT is more sensitive than TD-OCT. Of the two FD-OCT methods, the coherence length is longer in Swept Source (SS) OCT than in Spectral Domain (SD) OCT. Therefore, SS-OCT methods have come more common in OCT systems.
    An SS-OCT source of single longitudinal mode is preferred compared with that of multi-longitudinal mode, because the depth range is not restricted by the cavity length of the source. The Vernier Tuning (VT)−DBR(Distributed Bragg Reflector)laser operates in single longitudinal mode, has very long coherence length, switches fast, akinetic without any mechanical movable part, has long life-time, and sold for the telecommunication market in low cost. Therefore, it is expected as an ideal SS-OCT source. We were the first to propose and demonstrate the usefulness of VT-DBR lasers for SS-OCT more than about ten years ago. Based on the accumulated experiences, we shall collaborate on VT-DBR-SS-OCT. Very fast VT-DBR sources for SS-OCT are currently developed and shall be released soon for sale.


OCT Tecnologies in General

    Based on technological know-how accumulated during development of ultra-high speed OCT and VT-DBR-SS-OCT, we shall collaborate on OCT technologies in general. We shall co-work with Systems Engineering Co. Ltd. for manufacturing OCT systems. (e.g. The SS-OCT system using an Axsun's source)

Licensing of OCT Technology Patents



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